Where can I sell old records in Los Angeles?
                                                              Where can I sell my records in L.A.?

Who buys records in Los Angeles?
17312 Crenshaw Blvd

Torrance, CA 90504


Store Hours:
Tues-Sat 11-5:30

Sell your records at my Torrance/Los Angeles area store.

I'm thirty yards North of Artesia, on the East side of Crenshaw, directly across the street from an El Pollo Loco.

Hello. My name is Roy Kaiser.

I've been buying and selling vinyl record albums and 45's for twenty five years.
I started out working at Peanut Records at 1857 Pacific Coast Highway in 1989.

The Peanut was what was known as an Independent record store. We were known for carrying Hard Rock, Punk, and Metal.

Besides carrying new product, we also dealt in used vinyl, cassettes, and CD's.

Eventually, I started looking for vinyl at the Harbor College Swap Meet.

Between the used LP's at the store and the records I saw at the swap meet, I started piecing together a history of vinyl records in America(or at least Los Angeles).

After my tenure at The Peanut was up, I essentially became an itinerant record seller, looking high and low for vinyl albums and 45's to sell at record shows.

By the mid 1990's, I decided to combine my store experience with my developing knowledge of records to open the first
RECORD RECYCLER on October 1, 1995 at 4659 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles.

My 1300 square foot store had a pretty good run, but I decided I wasn't cut-out to police my little section of Hollywood Blvd and I wanted to get back to the South Bay.

I opened the current RECORD RECYCLER at 17312 Crenshaw Blvd in Torrance on June 1, 2001.

What kind of records actually sell?

The records I'm going to be able to use are going to come out of the categories of Rock, Soul and R&B, Modern Jazz, and Blues.

I guess the most important thing I've learned by looking at over a million records in twenty five years is that there are numerous records from our parents and grandparents generation that are not of interest to record collectors of today.

There's always going to be an appreciation of Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong or Nat "King" Cole no matter how music is delivered in future. But, contemporary record collectors are generally not too interested in these artists or their contemporaries on vinyl.

I'm still getting lots of calls about Big Band, Easy Listening and late 50's and early 60's Pop records. So much of it in fact, that if I relied on TV and movies for my music history, I would think that Rock 'n' Roll, R&B, Blues and Modern Jazz were in full force, instead of in their infancy.

Records are paradoxical in that the cardboard covers and vinyl are soft and easily damaged. Yet, under the right storage conditions are pretty stable and hold up well.
Records were considered to be pop culture detritus little more important yesterday's newspapers.

The generally disposable nature of records has contributed to desirability of a small fraction of them.

Billions of albums and 45's were manufactured in this country since the advent of the vinyl record album in the early 1950's. If only a fraction of that number are still above ground in decent shape, and a fraction of that is of interest to record collectors, that leaves lots of viable records. I'm hoping that some of them enter the collector's market by way of my store.


The records I see come from people who wouldn't necessarily even consider themselves "record collectors". They just have records because that's one of the ways music was consumed.

Records collectors, on the other hand, were generally more serious about taking care of their records
and had some historical perspective. In fact, I would guess that most of the history of popular music has been compiled by laymen who serve as a living resource of music history.


While the majority of interest is in the categories of music I've outlined above, there are also younger collectors interested in things considered too "new" or offbeat by most collectors. I try to keep abreast of these trends and stock my store accordingly.


Sometimes someone will bring a box or records to the store and I can't use any of them. Not a single one.

If I don't make an offer for a collection of records, there's a good chance that other stores will see them in a similar light.

Occasionally I'll be able to use a large proportion of a given record collection because it contains items which are in line with the interests of current collectors.

Sometimes when I'm buying records, the seller will tell me they were offered a quarter each for their records in Hollywood, while I'm in the process of offering between $1.00 or $2.00 per LP, or even more, for the records I can use.

These stories make me think of a lyric in You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones that goes, "And I went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse."

Maybe people think because it's the biggest store, they've got the most money and must know what they are doing. After driving a long distance and standing in line at their buying counter, only to have the records rejected or bought for a pittance, must be somewhat bewildering.

The ability to pay is different than the willingness to pay.
That big store in Hollywood has a lot of employees and overhead. The person at their buy counter is getting paid by the hour. It's no skin off his nose if you sell to them or not, and, he's under instructions to pay as little as possible.

At Record Recycler any profit falls to the bottom line-namely me. And, I'm
grateful when someone brings viable records into my store because new stock is what keeps my store going while other stores are closing across the country.

I try to place myself halfway between the sellers and the customers. I don't try to squeeze the sellers. And, in my experience it's not possible to gouge the customers. They generally know the market pretty well.

I look at a record, try to figure out how much I can sell it for, and offer 1/3rd. The least I pay for an LP that I'm interested in is $1.00. You can look at the records in my bins and see if what I'm offering is consistent with my selling prices.

Call me at 310-704-2320 to talk about your records and I'll try to gauge whether it will be worth your time and effort to bring them to my store.

We pay 1/3rd of our selling price in cash!

Offers start at $1.00 per LP, 45. or 12" single.

More for rare records!


Record Collectors are mainly interested in ORIGINAL PRESSINGS of Records from three Categories of Music:


(1.) JAZZ - Be-Bop/Bop, Modern Jazz, Experimental & Funky Jazz.


(2.) "BLACK" MUSIC - Doo-Wop, R&B, Soul, Blues, Funk, Disco & Rap.


(3) Rock/Rock 'n' Roll - 50's Rock 'n' Roll, British Invasion, Psychedelic, Hard Rock, Alternative & Punk.


Sometimes I'll pay Hundreds, or Thousands of Dollars for a Record Collection. It doesn't happen too often, but it happens.

If you have Records to Sell, please call 310-704-2320.


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